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Nautilus is the solo project of Heidi Diehl of Vanishing Voice/Time Life, long time BR transatlantic e-mail buddy who we finally got to meet just over a year ago on the very brief Vanishing Voice tour... since then she has begun recording solo material under this alias, and has self released one CDR which blew our minds, and likewise blew local long time BR friend Ben Nash's cranium apart, thus the concept for this split LP was born! The Nautilus side opens with 'Still Rings', a far out trip of weirdo outsider dripping mind fuzz, like some kind of spatial insect gathering. 'Tallahasse Woman' rings more bells with the sound of Vanishing Voice and Heidi's psychedelic string playing, and subtle vocals buried below it. 'Jeans Theme' is another sweet track of tranced out guitar with approaching percussion and waves of vocal drones. Ben Nash holds his side with two nearly 8 minute tracks, opener 'Plymouth Bredren Blues' has definetly got the blues as mentioned in the title, there's some serious woe in the wah right here, and some almost Paris, Texas moments. 'Interloper/Latch' also starts off pretty bluesy but half way through goes to a speaker shredding guitar shaker, with some seriously serious riffs, that are almost breaking up as they begin, and then reverting back to the blues mediation of the beginning of the track.. A great release, in an edition of 269 copies with paste on artwork."
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  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Guitar Picking

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