Super Great Love LP
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An Icelandic super-group made up of BJ Nilsen, Johann Johannsson and members of Stilluppsteypa, Evil Madness might already be old hands in the Editions Mego stable, but those of you expecting another ‘Space Finale’ or ‘Man From Deep River’ will be sorely disappointed. Evil Madness are a dance act, and in every sense of the word, taking in large scoops of their sound from chillwave, industrial and EBM while leaving just a bit of room for trance and techno. I know what this sounds like, and little else can explain the music rather than saying LISTEN TO IT, but ‘Super Great Love’ is more than mere parody. Sure the band is having fun, but this mischievous streak feeds directly into the music and we end up with something far less po-faced than Cold Cave or a long-forgotten Dutch Minimal Wave discovery. There’s more than enough synth fetishism on here to keep the purists engaged, but I get the feeling there are tracks spread across this record that could get even the most vocal nay-sayer on-side. C’mon, add a bit of Icelandic cheer to your day.
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