Afternoon Summer Sex LP
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Solo project of long-time superstar Mike Connelly (Wolf Eyes, Hair Police) building the perfect negative of his bands - but still walking a similar path of his bandmates' solo work - trading noise for quiet and jolts for scraping echoes. Afternoon Summer Sex - so far the second LP release by Failing Lights for 2012 - is a black swamp full of analog processing, whirling drones, chiming tones and shrouded electronic crackles. A slow-pace listen of minimal repetiton that gives the idea of an eternal - and suffered - fadeout.

"If this is a trend, pinpointing when it began is probably impossible. But for me one record could be a small but vital starting point. In 2010, Wolf Eyes & Hair Police member Mike Connelly put out his first official solo full-length as Failing Lights. It's a masterwork of dark silences and tantalizing restraint. If there's something calming the noise waters lately, Failing Lights was a first drop in that direction". - Marc Masters, Pitchfork

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