collection illusions sonores vol 3 LP
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Psychedelic garage rock, soundtrack for a sleazy horror movie from the 70's and a weird humor are the main ingredients for this recipe. On Collection Illusions Sonores Vol.3, out via Music Fear Satan, Jo-Bernard Castagneri do deliver its best meal still. The first side of the record is a 19 minutes "Le Jour De La Colère Astrale", a spiritual journey through the chaotic cosmic depths. The second side is haunted by a space-dust eating cloud devouring every galaxy he encounters. "Cosmos de Sang" sees the seven Rishis (Hindu's mankind guardians) battling against this threat despite their Purp addiction, a new and terrifying reality altering drug. "L'Etoile de Satan", a satanic prog rock banger, closes this adventure. On a Jupiter satellite, the Antechrist incarnates himself as a giant protozoa. Supercomputer Lomonosov-3 being enable to watch him, the dreadful amoeba boards a soviet space probe going to Earth. Only the monocellular son of Satan and the soviet IA can play this frightening hunter's game which has just begun.
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  • Garage
  • Progressive
  • Psychedelic
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