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Shallow Grave have been journeying into the heart of darkness since forming in 2009. And today in 2018, Shallow Grave re-emerge from the Southern Depths channeling distorted transmissions from beyond the transcendent void on their new album, Threshold Between Worlds.

Thematically circling around one of the oldest and most potent forms of human servitude – blood sacrifice – Threshold Between Worlds is obscenely dark, inhumanly heavy, and emotionally devastating. Shallow Grave alchemize corrupted doom, impoverished psychedelia and unscripted experimentation on the album, combining monumental heaviness with chiasmic minimalism.

Their self-titled debut, released in 2013 by Astral Projection, and was hailed as “massively heavy and musically punishing” (Metal Rules) and “uncompromising, unrelenting... and a masterclass of extreme metal” (The Sludgelord). Threshold Between Worlds ups that ante, seeing Shallow Grave reimagining the sacred and bringing even more unsettling sonic carnage and remorseless intensity to their art.

Threshold Between Worlds’ labyrinthine performances summon ancient entropic resonances via ominous audio manipulations, and Shallow Grave’s singular methodology is showcased as crushing and bone-chilling doom fuses with subtle improvisations, musique concrète, mangled tape loops, subliminal samples, and a hauntological ambience.

Threshold Between Worlds sees Shallow Grave weaving even thicker layers of dread and atmospheric noise into the fabric of their art. Resulting in a powerful illustration of sacrifice transforming consciousness, through blood-soaked ascendancy.

The raw materials of Threshold Between Worlds were recorded live at Auckland’s The Lab studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
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