The Californian LP (col. vinyl)
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After years of requests, here comes the first ever vinyl pressing of The Californian!

Overcoming the departure of a founding member, the loss of two booking agents, rehab, and divorce, the members of Sunday's Best flexed their maturity through variety on a sophomore album that finds the band defining its own unique sound.

From the hook-filled "Our Left Coast Ambitions," to the nearly adult contemporary "Don't Let It Fade," to singer-songwriter on "Beethoven St.," The Californian shows a band reinventing itself by slowing things down, stripping away layers and allowing Ed Reyes' vocals to soar above each track's beautiful melodies.

Wearing the muse of Sunday's Best's hometown/state on its sleeve, The Californian conjures the pangs of nostalgia filtered through the romanticism of Los Angeles.

Members have since gone on to form The Bronx (James Tweedy) and The Little Ones (Reyes and Ian Moreno).
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