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German black metal miseryists ABKEHR have finally returned with a new album after Sick Man Getting Sick Records and Sentient Ruin released their astonishing debut LP In Asche back in 2017 revealing the duo as one of the most exciting new prospects in European black metal. Today, ABKHER return with a perfect continuation of their debut – In Feuer – a glorious amalgam of raw black metal fury, eerie atmospheres and a looming sense of despair which makes the album standout as one of the most daring and defiant raw/depressive melodic black metal releases of the year. Behold….

“In Feuer” masterfully puts back on display ABKHER’s signature sound made of soaring melodic gallops, slow and dismal doom-inspired mid sections, and a raw and sanguine fury borrowed straight from the old vanguard of primordial Scandinavian black metal. While their staple traits are back and fully preserved “In Feuer” expands the ABKHER story further as well. The production is more focused and thick but perhaps deliberately even rawer and colder, making the music resound with more vigor than ever before, while the atmospheres seem to have expanded and increased in weight and grimness, with the music overall sounding more daring, focused and unpredictable than ever before, while also developing a new sense of oppressiveness and claustrophobia.

The thirty-minute trip into the most dismal manifestations of misery is a masterclass that will please fans of classic sounding, raw and eerie black metal bands (cvlt nation)

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