Kosmískur Hryllingur LP
Label: Mystiskaos

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“Horror arrives through an oceanic voice and the static resultant of friction of an unoiled machine’s parts, here as the guitars ring in majesty and the static sends each body flying against a wall a gravity persists within 'Vaxvængir vonar'. What goes against the will of celestial being will surely face the cold grip of their hurlant gravitas. That is to say that this is a more palpably ‘black metal’ track albeit a psychedelic and erratic piece that never loosens the tension it provides. Here the constrictor-like qualities of Wormlust meld best with Skáphe‘s otherwise bristling dissonance for a persistent wailing descent. The gushes of psychedelia do give that sense of improvisation once more, especially around nine minutes into the 20+ minute piece. None of these pieces connect outside of the whole and to focus on any one detail will make a mush of the presence the two entities create together. Without this second piece I would’ve been suggesting this is a majority rules affair for Skáphe but I did feel H.V.‘s presence once I’d sorted out my own fascination with the various layers of atmospheric excess that otherwise define the full listen. The assumption is that he’s done all of the vocals here but I believe there to be some variance throughout several points otherwise it’d be a session rather than a collaboration.” — Grizzly Butts
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