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Exiled is another great leap forward from a band whose career trajectory since forming in 2013 has been unusual, perhaps even puzzling to some. Hailing from Stevenage, a southern English borough and the original purposebuilt 'New Town', Bad Breeding's tastes and inclinations might have been of a DIY punk nature, but with no local scene to match the group (Dodd, guitarist Matt Toll, bassist Charlie Rose and drummer Ashlea Bennett) played anything they were offered. Incongruously, this included support slots for Royal Blood and Mastodon - an experience, no doubt, but not their true calling. 
Bad Breeding have always aimed to channel their own anger rather than speak for a community; float the possibility of working class solidarity, socialist principle and direct action, as opposed to haughtily insisting on those things as markers of Acceptable Politics. Equally, it's possible to listen to 'Exiled' and merely be swept along by the tide of distortion, never mind the lyrics - but you'd be missing a trick. An essay, titled "How Pure Is Your Hate?" and packaged as an insert with the album, sets out their stance for anyone who couldn't quite catch the words: polemic that's articulate without resorting to high-minded academic jargon. 
Bad Breeding are rowdy and 'erberty as they've ever been. "Exiled" the song, which opens the album, is sonically blown-out, part anarcho part hardcore: the apocalyptic shiver of crust punk progenitors Amebix is in the mix influence-wise here, according to Dodd. 
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