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"An Anagrammatic Exorcism of the 60's"

Hey, Music Lovers!

Ever gotten tired of your 60’s records?
And maybe also of all the re-masterings, re-workings, re-creations, re-packagings, re-editings and re-samplings?
But still craving for more – because, let’s face it, it was the last decade when we Western kids could lead ourselves to believe the world would become a brand new and better place to be?

TH€ $OUND OF MON€¥ are taking new approach:
They left the music. Let those wonderful corpses rest in their coffins. Instead, they merely took the titles of 12 of their favourite 60’s albums as the DNA – and gave the letters a good shake!
Out came a batch of 12 new titles for new songs. They wrote those songs, recorded them, and are gathering them now on this album “MORE? WHY NOT! – AN ANAGRAMMATIC EXORCISM OF THE 60s”. And a cover to match: It’s a visual anagram of the original record covers, as well as a tribute to one of the seminal 60’s record artworks, Robert Crumb’s “Cheap Thrills” (Big Brother & the Holding Company).

So everybody’s most beloved pop era can start afresh!
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