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She Keeps Bees has been steadily gaining steam since Jessica Larrabee self-released her chilling solo album Minisink Hotel back in 2006. Two short years later, everyone seems to know the name. No doubt it was the raw power of Larrabee's heartbreakingly open, bluesy debut that inspired the word-of-mouth frenzy, but it would not surprise us if her soulful, arresting live performances with drummer Andy LaPlant and tantalizing, hand-collaged limited vinyl EPs continue to be what keeps 'em coming back to the hive for more.

So we were thrilled when store sweethearts She Keeps Bees walked up to our counter to deliver Nests, their sophomore full-length. Whereas Minisink Hotel almost played like a best-of singles compilation, effortlessly rivaling the earnestness of early Chan Marshall and undercutting the dark intensity of Dry-era PJ Harvey, their latest picks up where She Keeps Bees last left off on their most recent EP, with the blistering, aching rocker "Pile Up."

Nests is packed with similarly straightforward, rocking electric guitar -- and there is a triple-header on this album that's a shoo-in for one of the new music highlights of the year. "Release" is just that, a cathartic, adrenaline-charged, bluesy tambourine-smacker that reminds ya less of Nina Simone than '60s rock 'n' roll legends like Janis Joplin. "Gimme" follows right on its heels, a soul-grunge jam in which Larrabee's improvised wail confidently pushes itself to sound its strongest yet. Completing the triplet is "Get Gone," a loose, intimidating kiss-off with echoes of Cat Power.

To sweeten the pot, Nests features a couple rootsy acappella folk songs, for those known to clap along to their stereos. This 26-minute full-length is a must have follow-up in the handmade She Keeps Bees oeuvre!
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