First Songs LP
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Despite her last name, Anna St. Louis was born and raised in Kansas City. She grew up a painter and singing in punk bands, eventually leaving her hometown to attend art school in Philadelphia. After graduating she made the move to Los Angeles where she began teaching herself guitar, writing songs and recording them on her own in her bedroom. First Songs is the sound of someone discovering their talent in real time—a peak into a wonderful mind absorbing new surroundings and using new tools to put them into the room. Listening to this collection one can feel the sun coming in through the window, St. Louis on the foot of her bed with a guitar on the knee, finding her voice. St. Louis wears her influences well—think Patsy Cline singing over John Fahey—but has a style all her own. And while you can take the artist out of the midwest, you can't take the midwest out of the artist—so let this be known: this is Midwestern music run through a California filter. Anna St. Louis will have many more releases in her lifetime, but let it all begin here.
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  • Female-Fronted
  • Folk
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