Salt Lick LP
Label: Permanent records

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"SALT LICK is the very new L.A. trio with heavy connections to Permanent Records, Mock Records, JESUS SONS and that particularly collector-y Bonehead Crunchers/Crushers/etc.-style blunt-object '70s rock ‘n’ roll. Enthusiastically working the same grinding vibes of that recently rediscovered wave of old-school weirdos who got lost somewhere between prog rock they couldn’t play and punk rock they didn’t get, and who’s we-just-wanna-rock! 45s ended up creating a whole micro-genre of longhair off-the-grid proto-proto-punk. (Salt Lick also claims as an influence 'the one good song on a bunch of major label LPs from the early 70s,' which is also very accurate—and Permanent / RidingEasy’s own Brown Acid comps also make a nice sampler of this sound.)"—LA Record. Edition of 300 copies.
This item is tagged as:
  • 70s
  • Garage
  • Hardrock
  • Psychedelic

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