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Red Lorry Yellow Lorry were one of the finest post-punk groups of the mid '80s, founded in 1981 in Leeds by chief member Chris Reed. Molded after the likes of Wire and Joy Division, the Lorries combined angular walls of guitar noise with throbbing bass lines and drum machine to create a unique sound that was indebted to the first wave of UK post-punk but quickly evolved into a new sound all their own. After several singles on the Red Rhino label, the group released their debut LP in 1985. The group's finest effort, Talk About The Weather reached #3 on the NME album charts and has maintained a reputation as one of the best UK post-punk records of the 1980s all these 3+ decades later. Essential stuff. Reissued in a limited edition of 500 on hand numbered 180 gram LP with 4 bonus tracks.
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  • Death Rock
  • Goth
  • Postpunk

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