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Spanish Love Songs' 2015 debut album, Giant Sings the Blues saw the LA-based band combine rousing pop-punk with the unflinching angst of frontman Dylan Slocum's lyrics as he detailed his struggles in the no-mans land of his mid-20s. A period when the promise of adolescence had started to turn sour, and life's responsibilities had become all too real.

New album Schmaltz sees Slocum now approaching his 30s and feeling older but not necessarily wiser and, if anything, more out of step with the punk "scene" than ever before. Not only is he no longer a young man in a young punk band anymore but he is also having to try to come to grips with the fact that, in life's journey, not everyone is going to stick around for the ride.

Musically, Schmaltz also finds the band at something of a crossroads. Too indie to be punk and too punk to be indie, they blend the earnest pop-punk of the Menzingers, the anthemic drive of the Gaslight Anthem with the engaging melancholy of Mountain Goats and the Weakerthans on a rousing but emotionally bruising album.

The opening to Schmaltz demonstrates that contrast perfectly as on skeletal opener "Nuevo", Slocum's vocals are framed by slowly swelling, Hammond organ before launching into the sharp, anthemic punk of "Sequels". Featuring spiky hooks, distinctive lead guitar lines, and a towering, full-bodied chorus, the music acts as a triumphant counterpoint to lyrics like "I don't wanna leave this couch / I don't wanna go to war." (PopMatters)

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