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1979 Cleveland Punk genius 300 black vinyl pressed.  

 "And then there were Bernie and the Invisibles. I toured with this guy one time and he got mad at us and walked all the way home from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio which is about two hundred miles. His mercurial nature was responsible for the fact that his only commercially released tracks were the live cuts on the two Cleveland Confidentials. When he first started playing out at CBGBs with the Talking Heads or in our home town with us and the Cramps, it was just him and the electric guitar, hence the band name Invisibles. Later, he got a couple of guys to play bass and drums and in fact recorded an entire album with Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu producing, featuring such classics as 'Chinese Church'and 'PCP.' Maybe somebody will have brains enough to put it out someday."—Mike Hudson

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  • Garage
  • Lo-Fi
  • Punk
  • Reissue

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