re-ups LP
Label: Flingco Sound System

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Jimmy Anthony, Greg Darden & Bobby Donne (Labradford, Aix Em Klemm) play out infrequently, are unprolific in their release schedule & spend their time refining & recording their abstract electronic music. Their seclusion & deliberation produce remarkable results. Re-Ups is their 2nd full length release. Cristal use computers to mutate & stretch sound spectra into long forms balanced against tenuous, implied melodies. The barely perceptible abuts the overwhelming. Placid soundfields are lacerated w/ incisions of digital fragments & static on the opening track. Sonic reductions boil & release evaporate melodies on the track "Xicifu" and then are decimated by the scouring noise of "Left of Swept". All across Re-Ups, disorienting & comforting elements sit side by side. When so many noise & experimental artists seem to be hemorrhaging releases, Cristal's compositional rigor is refreshing. ONE TIME PRESSING OF 500 on 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold jacket. Comes w/ digital download code

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