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OCT 2016, I am on tour in central Italy. Tomasso puts on a cassette while some late night drunken pasta is cooking on the stove. While I lay on the couch, floating in that post show liminal space between this day and the next, I am immediately and completely transfixed by the subdued sounds coming from the stereo, by its languid dirge processionals; part eulogy, part elegy betraying a vague longing to trade places with the departed. The next morning I ask to hear it again.

For weeks, I am humming the melodies in my head, in the van... even during my own performances. I ask around if anyone knows this band. Mark says he randomly played with them once in Croatia. Francesco says he just saw them in Prague and thought of me while watching them.

Eventually, I make contact with the elusive songwriter and we both agree it would be a nice idea to issue the cassette on LP... this album entitled "Phantoms of Place".

TIMBER RATTLE is a kind of "pyche-pastoral" hymnal which seems to be as informed by noise shows in west coast basements or the revolutionary spirit of poet Jean Genet as it is by a panoply of North American landscapes, such as the Blue Ridge Mountains of southern Virginia, where its members grew up. It is spatially both vast and intimately spiritual, seeking to create a reflective space within which to contemplate an individual and mutual encounter with nature; with the mountains, the forests, the deserts, the oceans... and the phantoms of experience and memory that haunt us in these places.

While never straying too far from a pastoral/folk sound that celebrates the environment and the arcane wild that surrounds us, the music also incorporates primordial elements of drone and psyche experimentation which focus on an intuitive exploration of tone, pattern, scale, and palette.

Lyrically, the layers of harmonies present a willful abstration on the relationships between land and bodies and life and death and magic and language and ritual and myth and space and cycles and animals and plants and food and poison... the sound and the shape of the words being equally important to any 'meaning' discerned from the lyrics.

A cohesive and quintessential offering, 'Phantoms of Place' is a meditation on physical space, place and tradition, and an exploration of the meaning of being human in the garment of living nature..

BLACK VINYL LP in an edition of 200 COPIES, w/ black and silver screen-printed sleeve, insert and download code, housed in a heavy duty library style plastic sleeve w/ re-sealable strap flap.

- Mkl Anderson, January 2018

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