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A split 12“ that keeps up to the promise of the stunning cover: straight in your face! The weird intro tells already a first guess, a decent mix of shredding and screaming. Virtuosity up my arse, hahaha. This is what it needs to be like: straightforward trashing with the right attitude (“essential boozing, fuck the system”), delivered by the sympathic dudes of DISMALFUCKER, which we already know from other projects. There is almost talk about an all-star band, but when you look at those creatures you would rather think they escaped from the Münster dungeons! Anyway… Crust-Punk is the pigeon-hole called, although a bit overcrowded, it’s still a lot of fun. Some fast parts, then dragging, but always ass kickin’! The vocals remind sometimes of the first Die Kreuzen LP. No shit! Heavy sound and capable instrumentalists, I need a beer right NOW! In case you have to know who’s behind this terrific name, go and check the internet, or even better: join a show of them! I’m not aware of the other band HIGH, but fuck me, this also hits like a beer can in a cop’s face. A lot rougher and more punkie, combined with twisted vocals, and a spurred on guitarist, all up: a hell bent for leather. I always thought there is no more real HC-Punk around…honestly with breathtaking speed, stop-and-go-breaks and with all the trimmings. The Guitarist reminds me a bit, just a tiny bit of Die Kreuzen, but with a pinch of cow-punk or surf, wherever he takes this from…awesome! Did I mention that the bassist is also fast as fuck? No? Sounds like a competition now and then, but it melts together perfectly. These guys know how to start the pit, probably their other projects owed to. Who was again so damn and insanely fast? Sure: Flag of Democracy!...
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  • Hardcore
  • Punk

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