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The Ivytree, as some may know, is the project of San Franciscan musician Glenn Donaldson.  In the early 2000s Glenn was a founder of the Jewelled Antler Collective, forming such projects as The Blithe Sons, Thuja, and The Skygreen Leopards, among many others.  I admire the range of projects he is associated with, they all beautifully web together.  Between 2001 and 2005 Donaldson published a handful of discs under the names The Ivytree and The Birdtree. These boiled down and tanned the patient, outdoor ambiences of the long-form instrumental recordings.  These were slow and pastoral and pensive songs, carried by Glenn’s haunting voice: my favorite of his work.  Glenn recorded outside with field-recorders and mini-discs: in forests, headlands, and tunnels of the Bay area. 

I grew up listening to his recordings – throughout high school and college in Goleta, CA. They spark many memories: driving around beach parking lots, dragging boomboxes into creeks, camping in the mountain valleys etc.  I remember once driving 5 hours up to San Francisco with a group of friends to try and get into a Giant Skyflower Band concert (another Donaldson project). It was at a bar and we were under 21 – so we couldn’t get in, even after trying to bribe the doorman.  As you can tell, very special places in my mind and memory.  My fondness for The Ivytree never dissipated, and I always dreamed of hearing more material from that time, as I know how prolific the Jewelled Antler association can be.

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