North Americana LP
Label: Outside Music

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Leif Vollebekk spent two years searching for perfect takes. This search took him from his home in Montreal to a studio in Manhattan, from a farmhouse in Woodstock, NY to a mansion outside Paris, and the result is a dusty, polished, new, old record called North Americana. “All this time,” Volleebekk says, “trying to get one take.” But the result is a beautiful, alive, human -- shambling ballads, noisy folk songs, vivid portraits of a 27-year-old’s watercolour life. “I feel like I created a record from 1970 something that no one’s heard before,” Vollebekk says. “I’m haggard and this record is all I got.”
This item is tagged as:
  • Americana
  • Folk
  • Singer-Songwriter

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