Coven Of The Wolves LP
Label: Wolfsgrimm Records

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On this album, WBSS still plays a raw, harsh form of black metal but now combines it with a strong and flavoursome neo-folk strain featuring a heroic, operatic vocal. The music is much more polished in its presentation and the singing and melodic folk elements are clean and precise. The combination of folk and buzzing black metal create a spacious style of music. The band's concerns revolve around the eventual triumph of nature over human hubris and presumption that nature can be controlled. In addition to this, the title track lauds wolves as supreme predators in the food chain and a keystone species in maintaining the balance of ecosystems in areas where they once roamed and which they are gradually reclaiming. 
Main influences are Primoridial, Isengard, and Summoning.
This item is tagged as:
  • Atmospheric
  • Black Metal
  • Neofolk

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