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The Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS has been putting on punk shows since 1993, and when asked to put together a compilation representing local Lawrence/Kansas City music scene along with a concept that is undeniably representative of the Replay, Cheap Beer was the logical choice. The Replay lounge is consistently in the top ten for PBR sales in the world. How? Don’t ask. Just take a listen to the record that crosses many genres but stays connected some how. That is what the Replay is all about: a home for everyone and their band. Take it from Maximum Rocknroll’s review in their March 2012 issue, ‘The Unfortunate reality of most stylistically eclectic compilations is that they are qualitatively eclectic as well. Cheap Beer defies this convention. With straight-ahead punk, new fangled garage and even technical post-punk, its musically diverse but qualitatively cohesive…Buy this record to ensure Replay’s ability to bring us more.” Features tracks from MOUTHBREATHERS, UP THE ACADEMY, FAG COP, NATURE BOUS, HIPS, DARK AGES, ROOFTOP VIGILANTES, DER TODESKING, JABBERJOSH, MAJOR GAMES, MUSCLE WORSHIP, DACTYLS, DRY BONNET, SPOOK LIGHTS, and THIS IS MY CONTRADICTION. Limited to 500 copies, packaged with an insert printed on PRB boxes and download.
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