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"it's not while slleping that your worst nightmares appear"

I can't even exactly put my finger on the influences here, other than that these noisecore adepts from Barcelona like their hardcore to have a little twist. The Seventhate rages like a couple of deranged Spanish bulls, who were fed Whiskey resulting in a rock 'n roll edge. The band does not restrict itself to a single style, creating a hyper versatile sound somewhere between the lines of Botch, Cursed, and Isis. The only aspect I have serious doubts about is singer Xavi's vocals; is he just unable to roar, or is his half-singing voice really one of the main things that make this band stand out? It does not really matter all that much, the overall impression here is surprisingly good and I may conclude to say that Spain can add yet another interesting noisecore band to its roster.

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