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Out now Melody builds seamlessly to heavy. Technical metal,grind and even a little 90s hardcore blend into a massive sound. Portland's Burials features current and ex members of Fall of the bastards,Superbad,Hack saw t-o the throat ,Weregoat, Ritual necromancy and more.

Portland, Oregon's Burials features present and ex-members of Fall of the Bastards, Hacksaw to the Throat, Weregoat, Ritual Necromancy, and others. This, their debut LP, is a furious blend of technical/progressive metal, grind, and hardcore, with just a little bit of melody thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. The 5 songs on this LP are fast, brutal and catchy as hell. The packaging, while simple, is quite nice as well. 2-color cardboard stock outer sleeve with great artwork, and it comes with a 3-color foldout insert with more art and lyrics.

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