my bones hold a stillness LP
Label: dawnbreed records

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180gr black vinyl and super DIY packaging presentation for this crushing record. Inserts printed with metallic inks on black thick matte card stock, and jackets screen printed by hand by the band members them selves with metallic inks on semi-gloss black jackets

"It’s nigh impossible to really nail down and describe this Sacramento-based five-piece’s sound. They’re not really Black Metal. Or Death Metal. Or Doom Metal. Or Blackened Doom-Metal Jalapeño-infused Tequila followed by whatever sub-genre tag that comes next. In essence, VRTRA are their own entity. A sonic abomination stitched together from a myriad of sounds and influences exhumed from the graveyard of Metal – brought to life and ushered into this decaying world with a delivery that is simply astounding. Even breathtaking. VRTRA have emerged from the horde that is the underground Metal scene and ushered in a staggeringly complex and well thought out first release, a feat that is extremely rare if not almost unheard of these days.

VRTRA slowly creep their way into the meat and bones of “Perpetually Hag Ridden.” Cue creepy guitars and bass. Enter the thunderous pounding of hammers against the earth’s soil. Insert serpentine, raspy vocals matched in turn with the dark chanting of long-forgotten hymns to what exists beyond the darkness. Even as the blast beats fire up and the vocals alternate between hissing curses against humanity and a demonic bellow,VRTRA aren’t ones to be satisfied with staying in one particular dimension of sound. They’re absolutely comfortable with turning the tables – and the listener’s anticipation of what to expect – upside down. Eventually, the fevered assault breaks pace, which gives way to a subdued, melancholy passage that spirals into a landslide of monstrous, terraforming riffs." cvltnation

This item is tagged as:
  • Black Metal
  • Blackened
  • Doom

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