Shouts Of Rebellion 1982 - 1983 LP
Label: Alona's Dream Records

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Classic Midwest punk from NEGATIVE ELEMENT. This release collects their previously unheard 1982 demo cassette (restored and remastered by J. YUENGER) as well as their 1983 punk masterpiece Yes, We Have No Bananas EP (from the original master tape). Includes previously unseen pictures of the group and liner notes by the band members. Negative Element was a punk band from suburban Willow Springs, Illinois. They were a young band who put on energetic live performances. They are most well known for the songs "Anti-PacMan" and "What Ever Happened To Elmer Fudd?" Their first show was August 15, 1982 at Exit with MDC, Six Feet Under and Rights of the Accused. The band broke up c.1984 after the STEPE brothers moved to Peoria, Illinois.
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  • Hardcore
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