Staedter LP
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WØLFENSTEIN is a four-piece hardcore band from Stuttgart Germany.  Their new album, Staedter, is a concept album based on a poem by Alfred Wolfenstein. It deals with the perspectives of several different people living in a metropolis and their resulting feelings of isolation, hopelessness and loneliness despite being constantly surrounded by thousands of other people.  True to the genre, this is all told in a fast and noisy fashion.  Staedter is nothing if not an aggressive punch to the gut and knee to the nose.  The 30 minutes fly by in a series of short, abrasive tracks broken up by a few sludgier moments.  Among my favorites are "Wolves at my Doorstep," "Zweiter Teil In den Staub," and "Klamm."  Excellent album for fans of groups like The Chariot, though the intro to "A Sort of Escapism" actually reminds me of The Haunted. (Metal Trenches)
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  • Crust
  • Hardcore
  • Screamo

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