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Anifty 12" of dark IDM techno kind of ambiance in oneeasy to swallow 20 minute chunk of joy. We start offnoisily here with a nice bit of feedback that turnsinto a slow doom ridden drone which slowly builds upto this utterly formidable piece of Black Dice (kindof anyway) style dance.

However, you can actuallydance to this (kind of... anyway). Of course thistotally falls apart just when you don't want it towhich is highly annoying and at the same time being awork of genius. The final section of spoken wordsampling maybe in some ways is a little let down...the relentlessness of the piece so far really does notneed it and maybe the track should have ended there...However...The final 2 minutes are quite frankly stunning! Theentire piece changes to a chaotic and noisy hip hopswearathon! Really, this is a great piece of work thatsomehow feels like your best mix tape of everythingyou could want but not in a 2manyDjs style, somehowbetter than that. It is possibly the record FuckButtons should have come up with, secretly I'm veryglad they didn't as this is a brilliant gem. Limitedto 300 copies with Seldon Hunt artwork so you besthurry if this is your sort of thing.

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