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On their new album, An Ill Wind Blowing​, Sweden's Age of Woe skitter past their Gothenburg roots in favor of a more Stockholm-flavored approach. The band's second album is a happy marriage of crunchy old-school Swedeath, gnarly apocalyptic crust, and 90s Iron Monkey-styled sludge—more barren industrial decay than swampy bayou. They cultivate an interesting atmosphere, as well, occasionally cushioning the extremity with traditional Moroccan folk instruments or scratchy electronic moments.


The overwhelming vibe is one of desperation, from the broken leg pacing to the noisy, seething dissolution of tracks like "Heavy Clouds" and "Halo of Flies." It's not a pretty album by any stretch of the imagination, and doesn't try to be (atmospheric bits notwithstanding). Instead of wielding a hammer or twisting a knife, An Ill Wind Blowing​​ goes for straight for the gut, raining down body blows that ache but don't topple.

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  • crust
  • d-beat
  • hardcore
  • sludge

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