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About 14 years ago Wovenhand showed it’s first sign of life with their self-titled debut album. David Eugene Edwards’ main band 16 Horsepower was still active at that time, but their three members were slowly drifting apart. Yet in the same year they still managed to release „Folklore“ – a blistering album and their studio swansong. Long since has the former solo-project stepped out of 16 Horsepower’s long shadow. 

Over the last two decades, Edwards’ prolific work in both bands has influenced and inspired a generation of musicians. His music has always had an unparalleled intensity. His rich, billowing and emotive voice is always the driving force of his music, but it’s catapulted by his spellbinding ability to transform instruments that many people might consider mundane relics - be it banjo, accordion, lesser-known folk instruments from around the world, or even an electric guitar - into devices of dark fury and poignant beauty. Wovenhand cannot be described in traditional terms. Their sound is a sweeping tapestry of gothic Americana, neo-folk, punk, alternative country and psych.

Two years have passed since the release to the critically acclaimed “Refractory Obdurate”, 11 new songs were recorded. Sounds that despite their power and heavyness have lost nothing of its magic and hypnotics. From the apocalyptic revivification of antique Americana of 16 Horsepower in the 90s to the threadbare balladry of Wovenhand’s early releases, Edwards’ music has maintained its celestial heaviness as it evolved. But now in its current incarnation, Wovenhand is a band that fully expands that power with exacting and inventive skill. It’s a sound so distinctive and compellingly crushing that even the heaviest of metal bands can’t match. Those who thought there could be no progression after “Refractory Obdurate” will be convinced otherwise… 
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