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Hippies stick their fingers in sockets and fry what few brains they have left. What's to say about the Silver Apples that hasn't already been said? 'Oscillations' is more than just a perennial. It really oughta be bottled up & sent into outer space to tell Martians how much we humans have in common with them. A lot of the album has lyrics by a poet (named Stanley Warren) that the Apples met at one of the NYC Avant Garde Arts Festivals ('68 was the year after Charlotte Moorman got arrested for her topless cello). Tracklisting: Oscillations, Seagreen Serenades, Lovefingers, Dancing Gods, Program, Velvet Cave, Whirly Bird, Dust, Misty Mountain.
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  • Experimental
  • Kraut
  • Psychedelic
  • Reissue

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