Richard Swift As Onassis LP
Label: Secretly Canadian

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The Double EP Richard Swift As Onasis is Richard Swift's current release and love affair with old rock & roll intended to satiate fans and intrigue the uninitiated while he works on the follow-up to 2007’s critically acclaimed 2007 debut full-length Dressed Up for the Letdown. Most importantly the songs do stand up. They get in your belly and wiggle your hips and stomp your foot and bob your head. Some of them float around like organ music that slipped out the church backdoor and headed to that bar with vinyl booths and a Little Richard photo over the burbling Wurlitzer of 45s. They got vibe and atmosphere. They act like great harmony, making whatever they’re accompanying richer and wider and thicker. It’s no accident that a few of the jams turn up in Swift’s first score for a little film, and nor is he a stranger to playing with mood and sound like candlelight and fingerpaints.

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