Chien D'la Casse LP
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While some are still milking garage rock for all its cool like it will never dry out, the sleaziest alley cats are gone drinking somewhere else. Sitting on a cinderblock in the darkness of a cave in the suburbs, drinking warm beer, they'd rather witness the convulsions of a degenerating French song. Crafted with some second-hand gear and crumbs of poetry, this lament from the slums has Noir Boy George as its flagbearer and Jessica93 as companion of misfortune. You will hear it filling the air of tiny and barely sound-proofed venues, to the greatest and perverse delight of all those that the prevailing festivism has made wary, and not quite convinced that we live in the best of times. NICOLAS BELVALETTE, known USE´, doesn't really play the guitar, and it's barely a guitar anyway. He hits it, strikes the same chord ad nauseam, sticks a zinc cymbal on the neck, plays six instruments all at once. Chien d'la Casse is the first album from his Usé solo project, which he initiated in 2011. Wild and aggressive, yet welcoming and touching in its bareness, the album demands surrender to the mighty power of the trance, embracing the regressive pleasure of the drums wreaking havoc, the flimsy jingles, the texts rhythmic as a Dada poem. Chien d'la Casse opens with the spiteful grunts of a pissed-off mongrel. Most of the album sounds like an ode to break-ins in garbage dumps with the sole purpose of banging on rusty cans until they burst.
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  • Electronic
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  • Postpunk

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