One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache LP
Label: Thrill Jockey

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The Body was formed in 1999 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since inception, their output has been massively prolific and their sound uncategorized and unmatched. The duo writes and acts as one, a deafening wail against a failing species.

Full of Hell was formed in 2009 in Ocean City, Maryland. In similar ethos, the band has remained prolific and relentless since and has continued to challenge themselves, channeling sounds from across the spectrum of extreme music into a nihilistic wall of oppressive sound.

Through their own respective recordings, both The Body and Full Of Hell are internationally-revered as forward-thinking entities of extreme music, delivering their musical torment through incredibly intense and often unorthodox methods. The Body’s 2010 released All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood sophomore LP remains one of the band’s prolific high points and one of the most groundbreaking and frightening albums in recent times. Their subsequent releases, including several LPs and more for Thrill Jockey have continued to expand upon this seminal release. Similarly, Full Of Hell rapidly became a favorite amongst hardcore, grind, death and noise metal fans immediately upon their formation with an incredibly energetic and destructive live attack. Their 2013-released Rudiments Of Mutilationsophomore LP solidified them as one of the most damaging new acts out there, and since its release the band’s intensity and hunger for experimentation has magnified immensely.

Both bands are proven collaborators, relishing the results of collective efforts to create life-numbing constellations of distortion and depravity. The two members of The Body have joined forces with arcane producer The Haxan Cloak for I Shall Die Here, Louisiana’s darkest sludge troupe Thou for You, Whom I Have Always Hated, as well as Nothing Passes with Braveyoung and a myriad of splits with artists as diverse and detesting as Australia’s Whitehorse, Japan’s Vampillia and Sandworm, taking their virulent, insidious influence to unsuspecting destinations across the globe. Full of Hell made a big impression with 2014’s two-part alliance with internationally feared noisemonger Merzbow, which resulted in the Full of Hell & Merzbow LP and the subsequent Sister Fawn EP. Their discography is littered with noise-soaked demos and splits that wrench Full of Hell in to fresh dimensions of heaviness and extremity, and their constant live actions never cease to stun.

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