the pernicious enigma 3xLP
Label: aestethic death

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Esoteric is a British band from Birmingham founded in 1992 that incorporates extreme Doom Metal
with distorted vocals and samples over slow paced, down-tuned riffs and atmospheric melodies.
The Pernicious Enigma is their second studio album (double CD) that was released in 1997 through Aesthetic Death Records., and now finally got a vinyl release
Ultra slow Funeral Doom (also some faster parts or songs included),heavy rhythm guitars, using reverb and delay effects (creating a "psychedelic" dark ambiance feeling), shifting bass rhythms and low guttural vocals.
Nice usage of samples over tracks and some jazzy parts also exists in songs like "NOXBC9701040".
A very good album with a lot of dark noise elements ,heavy ambiance and power.
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  • doom
  • funeral doom

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