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Iggy.  The Iguana.  The Jean Genie.  The Naughty Little Doggie.  The street-walkin’ cheetah with a hand full of napalm.  Whatever you call the man matters not in the grand scheme of it all, but if you sharpened your angsty teenage paws on The Stooges’ raw licks or found shelter in Queens of the Stone Age’s stoned-out serenades, then Iggy Pop’s new album should have you salivating like a dog in heat.

First singles Gardenia and Break Into Your Heart both sound like the Bowie-backed Berlin-era Iggster that we all immediately welcomed after The Stooges imploded the first time around.  Consider Gardenia a follow-up to the strung-out optimism of Lust For Life and think of the sexy, menacing Break Into Your Heartas a long lost b-side to The Idiot.  As many of you would probably agree, a lot of Iggy’s material from the 2000s and beyond has been a head-scratching puzzle.  Some would even say “unlistenable”.  This album here is the one you’ve been waiting for.  Welcome back, Jim.

Much like the effects of a dirty syringe, the price of this record is gonna sting.  This is an Iggy f-ing Pop record, though, and he’s backed by a band of rock and roll kingpins.  If I were you, I’d pony up the dough and deal with the repercussions later on down the road.

RIYL: Berlin-era Iggy, Queens of the Stone Age
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