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While Germany’s Mountain Throne have been around for a few years Stormcoven is their debut album. Released on December 6th 2013 via Cyclone Empire it contains eight songs with a running time of just less than 40 minutes. It’s a must for anyone who likes old school bands from the early 1980s: think Mercyful Fate with the attitude of Venom. The band clearly loves the classic metal sound albeit with more of a doomier vibe. Each track complements the atmosphere and general feel of the album. Lyrically the themes are timeless and traditionally metal: women, men, life and death. Stormcoven provides a satisfying classic old-school head banging experience. Pick some obscure bands from the 1980s, perhaps ones which released an album or two of long forgotten gems before disappearing and you won’t be far removed from what’s on offer here. For sure, these guys won’t be winning awards for originality and definitely won’t be carving out any new musical genres but being predictable and generic isn’t always a terrible thing. The band obviously worships at the altar of the some great bands from this awesome era and seem to truly care about their music and also capturing a moment which has long since passed.
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