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Close on the heels of the re-pressed Rover, Drakkar Sauna presents its latest effort, Jabraham Lincoln. Wallace Cochran and Jeffrey Stolz, playing an array of interesting instruments and backed by a host of talented musicians, have created another folk masterpiece. Jabraham Lincoln, the second album in Drakkar Sauna’s Dane serial, is an examination of sincerity as a hermaphrodite and of the consequences of the group’s second release, Drakkansasauna. Some of the musicians featured include Jason Groth (Magnolia Electric Company, Coke Dares) and Eric Mard is (Split Lip Rayfield). And, Jabraham Lincoln boasts a collection of fine producers: Chris Crisci (Appleseed Cast), Jordan Geiger (Minus Story), Mike West (Truckstop Honeymoon), and David Moore (The Hearers). Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, the gentlemen of Drakkar Sauna list influences from Pete Seeger to Mandy Patinkin and can harmonize like the The Louvin Brothers. The band has spent a good part of the past year touring the continental US with Two Gallants, The Impossible Shapes, Horns of Happiness, Kirk Rundstrom, and The Ants. It has shared the stage with Dark Meat, Phosphorescent, Jolie Holland, and Split Lip Rayfield, and has played the Wakarusa Music Festival twice.
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