Ain't The Reaping Ever Done? (1962-1976) LP
Label: Iron Mountain Analogue Research

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A marginal but respected songwriter in his own lifetime, EDDIE NOACK has become a Honky-Tonk legend in the decades since his death. Best known today for an obscure 45 he cut in 1968 called 'Psycho,' Noack was a stellar songwriter and consummate performer who never really got his due. Here, for the first time, are reissued some of Noack's very rarest recordings—some fine LP cuts (recorded in Nashville 1973) that was only ever issued in the UK (on a minuscule label) and a multitude of rare '60s/'70s 45 only cuts that are rescued from undeserved obscurity. Many of these cuts are the equal of anything in the Noack canon—dark empathic ballads and wry commentaries on the human condition. 'A Few Good Funerals' is a sardonic take on small-town mores, 'Before You Use That Gun' a desperate plea for mercy and 'The Memories Are Restless Tonight' a chilling elegy from a man at the end of his tether. Though schooled in journalism, Noack devoted his life to country music—he went largely unrewarded but left collectors a large body of stunning work. Equally adept at Honky-Tonk weepers, Gospel odes and grim murder ballads, Eddie Noack was always 'pure country.'
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