'ceci n'est plus avioth.../ils chantent pour vous' 12"
Label: MORC records

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the most minimal work of this acoustic noise bigband thusfar. two long tracks of slightly melodic analog sounds. comes in a beautiful silkscreened sleeve.

I always think that 1 sided vinyl is a waste of plastic but I'll still buy into it if I like the record, for I am fickle. This R.O.T 12" is one such record and has a really ace screen printed sleeve. 'Ceci n'est plus avioth...' is the work of Laurent Cartuyvels Floris Vanhoof, Christophe Piette, Bram Borloo, Ferri and D Trep. I know nothing about these guys other than they create mysterious live drones and spooky percussion and electronics(I think). Strange stuff and pretty dark too. 'Ils Chantent Pour Vous' is another strange improvised piece with bursts of metallic percussion an generally freaky sounds. Ltd edition on Morc which reminds me of Wolf Eyes at their less horrific.

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