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Post-metal might be a very millennial creation, with peaks and valleys of
creativity across an expansive spectrum, but fire still rumbles down below and
newcomers can still offer new twists on an oft-tired subgenre. Enter Sweden's
Gloson and their Yearwalker debut. Originally self-released digitally last year,
the mini-album is now being released on vinyl LP to show the international metal
scene how much that fire still rumbles down below. At a taut yet spacious 32
minutes, Yearwalker displays a young band with a veteran's grasp of sludgy,
sometimes-sinister post-metal. The four songs comprising the record are
mini-epics in themselves: often crushing right out of the gate, other times
simmering with delicious tension, always with deft 'n' subtle shifts in dynamics,
and all recorded in warm, molten analog. There's a certain autumnal melancholy to
Gloson's ruminations here, guiding the listener across vistas of grey skies,
leafless trees, and the waning light of the day. As both a debut and a work in
itself, Gloson's Yearwalker arrives fully formed and firmly confident. 
This item is tagged as:
  • doom
  • post metal
  • sludge

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