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"So, I love shoegaze and I love this brand of what people have called "depressive blackened doom rock." Most people tend to hate Apati for being too similar to Shining and Lifelover but the best way of describing this particular album is by taking that and throwing some Shyy in there as well. I love all of these bands' music and therefore love Apati.

Apati's first album was amazing in my opinion and to me sounded like music written by Shining and then played by Lifelover. This album slightly leaves that post-punk sound of Lifelover (Side note: if you really want to hear music like this that REALLYsounds like post-punk, check Pergale out) and goes more into the ambient shoegaze sound of bands like Apait, Shyy and ... (pronounced "Dot Dot Dot"). I personally love this sound especially when coupled with the sounds of Lifelover and Shining. I myself have the limited edition vinyl of this album and though this music is amazing regardless of the format, shoegaze sounds damn beautiful through old record player speakers.

This sound is kind of similar to Hypomanie as well. The drums are much better sounding than the first album which used a drum machine. I really am not sure if it was a drum machine or not. If it is, then they are very well programmed. They have a lot of reverb behind them and they seem to have somewhat of a "shimmering" effect found in so much shoegaze, especially "blackgaze".

The guitars are much more of the "flowing" type heavy rather than the "hard" type heavy. Just like the first album, the guitars have a lot of reverb behind them which is fitting and some songs kind of have what I can only describe as an "in and out" effect in volume and reverb. I guess that's heavily inspired by bands like Alcest, and Hypomanie. It sounds nice but is played in a much more minor sound than most shoegaze bands. The best shoegaze in my opinion plays in strongly minor keys.

The vocals this time are a lot less harsh than Eufori. They are for the most part clean, also having speach vocals and some screams and howls, while the first album used mostly harsh but mixed it in with clean and speech vocals. I love the vocals on this album just as much as I loved the vocals from the first.

I love this album. It combines the sounds of some of my favorite bands and I suppose the only reason I don't get really pissy about this like everyone else is because I found Apati before I found any of the bands they sound like excluding Shining. If you listen to bands like Lifelover, Hypomanie, Alcest, Shining, Shyy or ... (Dot Dot Dot), you will either love Apati (specifically, this album) or you will hate them for sounding too similar. Either way, it should be worth the risk if you ask me." metal archhives
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