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Finally, after years in the making, the North Texas grind legends Akkolyte unleash their long-awaited LP, "Clues in the Chaospile". As pioneers in the modern free-jazz movement and veterans of the DFW punk and hardcore underground, the Gonzalez brothers candidly take their musical prowess to the next level with this monumental release. In a genre often defined by a stagnant, putrid machismo, "Clues in the Chaospile" brings more personality and intimate ferocity in 18 soul-stirring, hard-hitting anthems for the inquiring mind that will stifle any abhorrent negativity. Combining elements of grind, thrash, hardcore, and jazz, Akkolyte evokes an impassioned vigor and reluctant tranquility seldom seen in music of such tenor.
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  • Experimental
  • Grind
  • Jazz
  • Metal

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