ALEC EMPIRE The Golden Foretaste Of Heaven DLP

Label: Cargo Records

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Alarm bells might go off after reading some of Alec Empire's sleevenotes. Here's a quotation from the Digital Hardcore supremo: "Oh yeah before I forget: this is an indie rock noise record... this is the music that I do in my spare time..." Great. Nothing like a disclaimer to sell a record, Al. All you Atari Teenage Riot fans might be slightly alarmed to discover the Gary Numan-meets-The Strokes tactics of opener 'New Man', but there is something quite appealing about this: Alec's vocal seems to alternate between Iggy Pop-style snarling and the awkward, anglicised intonations of Brandon Flowers. It's all highly entertaining, exuberant stuff. A right lark. Furthermore, 'If You Live Or Die' has a bit of an XTRMNTR-era Primal Scream thing going on, which again, is surprisingly charming. You get the feeling that Alec thinks this is all a bit hipper, a bit more zeitgeist than it actually is. Fusing distorted electro-noir beats with fuzzy power-pop guitars hasn't really seemed like a good idea for a while now, but if anyone should be allowed to make this sort of thing, it's Alec - it sure beats the hell out of Black Strobe.

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