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King Of The Monsters proudly presents The Silver Head, the latest solo offering from visual artist REUBEN SAWYER (HOLLOW SUNSHINE, DRY INSIDES), under the guise of BLOOD BRIGHT STAR. This record stands alone as Sawyer’s most cathartic and personal work to date, conceived through a period of dreams, revelations and heightened trance states. As abstract force is transmuted into concrete vision, the subconscious shadow illuminates itself and guides its star through the body of the infinite, carving a path for those who seek therein. The Silver Head is a voice deeply rooted in Qabalistic lore and alchemical symbolism, cryptically hypnotic yet rhythmically accessible. Lending its influence from deathrock and krautrock tendencies, Blood Bright Star blends together a seamless representation of the forces present and reinstates them into what he calls “Death Motorik".
This item is tagged as:
  • drone
  • kraut
  • noiserock
  • psychedelic

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