the inescapable fox LP
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*Edition of 200 copies only* Quietly engaging, evolving tape music compositions conceived around Greek mythology and notions of light/dark. Percussionist and pianist Steven Hess is something of a prolific collaborator, having worked with everyone from Sylvain Chaveau as On, to Mark Nelson in Pan American and as part of the Locrian and Haptic ensembles, while this time he's matched with sound artist Christopher McFall. On 'The Inescapable Fox' Chicagoan, Hess is credited with percussion, electronics and tape manipulation, while Kansas City resident McFall does piano, tape and voice, but to be fair it's hard to tell what's what. The pair frame the album with notions of compromise and the myth of Laeleps "(the hound never failed to catch whatever it was that he was hunting) and his rival the Teumessian fox that could never be caught. 'The Inescapable Fox' seemed to allow for a resolution of the two." This takes form as four pieces of richly detailed yet murky drone work full of decaying field recordings, murmuring keys and creaking acousmatic traces. Quite notably the tape is subjected to hydrolytic treatments which may expalin the extremely watery yet scratchy and bleached effect, which calls to mind some of the textures and ambience of the brilliant Bellows album on Planam. Excellent work.
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  • ambient
  • drone
  • experimental
  • field recordings

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