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ATOLL were a talented French ensemble who very much carried their own symphonic sound blending the finer aspects of French comrades ANGE, PULSAR and MONA LISA. Next to ANGE, ATOLL were probably the most influential of the French symphonic groups. With this debut album 'Musiciens-Magiciens', ATOLL led the way for the others with a wonderful progressively charmed album full of emotion and originality. Their style was very theatrical in nature offering dynamic and melodic arrangements with some great song writing and vocal harmonies. Musically 'Musiciens - Magiciens' is directly in the GENESIS, YES, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA and ANGE camp. The album is comprised of 7 tracks of early prog rock with an amazing 11 min epic track 'Le Baladin Du Temps' which definitely is IMHO the defining moment on this album. An excellent album full of originality.Release on LP-Style Mini sleeve and digitally remastered.
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