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Lemme tell you now, you gotta turn this one up a bit. In my pile of Ecstatic Peace releases this week, X.o.4 was the one I knew least about - I mean, who the hell are they anyway? and when I put it on the turntable after Leslie Keffer's noise-a-thon 'Feels Like Frenching' I had to practically double the volume to hear what the hell was going on. Then, a few minutes later it all became clear just how good this record actually was... No surprise then that the calloused hands behind it are veterans of the scene and know how to make a drone or two - leading the bunch is guitarist Bill Nace, he of Vampire Belt/Vampire Can't fame (one of my favourite jams from last year) and he comes accompanied by John Truscinski and Jake Meginsky (aka Slaughterhouse Percussion). Between them the trio manage to make the kind of deep, subtle dronescapes that sound like they were recorded in an immense concrete-clad room, maybe miles across and possibly deep below the sea. In fact the processed bubbling and scraping occasionally reminds me of the early electronic ramblings you might find on the Creel Pone label or coming from the BBC Radiophonic workshop and also brings to mind Wolf Eyes' similarly quiet and menacing double LP 'River Slaughter' from last year. This aside though the X.o.4 gang have created a singular exploration into sub-aquatic scrape-scapes and I for one am left gasping for more - totally shocking music.
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