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Jacob Faurholt has with, the now disbanded Sweetie Pie Wilbur, released the debut-album “Queen of Hope” on Quartermain Records in 2005. On “Queen of Hope” you’ll hear an under-acted, spontaneous and intimate pop with little mistakes and disharmonies.

Besides important showcases i.e. SPOT11 & Popkomm 2005 Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur played a long line of concerts at several of Denmark’s bigger venues. That included support for CocoRosie, Grizzly Bear and Efterklang

Faurholts second album "Hurrah Hurrah" was released November 12th 2007 on Quartermain Records. It was recorded with Kristian Westergård and has guest vocals by the Swedish duo Taxi Taxi! The result is naked, crispy and at times loud. "Young Mothers" from "Hurrah Hurrah" were number 1 at the Danish Alternative Chart "Det Elektriske Baromter".

In 2008 Jacob recorded a new album entitled "Are you in the mood for love?" which was released in February 2009 on Slow Shark Records.

“Are you in the mood for love?” reviews from the Danish press Soundvenue (5/6 stars)

With refined figurative lyrics and miserable lonely ballads Faurholt manage to create an emotional depth that should be able to sting everyone wherever you are. Diskant (8/10 stars)

There’s no chartbusters on the record. The beautiful but sad song “Rusty Country Cage” which could easily have been a “murder ballad” on a Nick Cave album is the closest Jacob gets to a top 40 charts.
Gaffa (4/6 stars)

On “Are You In The Mood For Love?” naked vocal and acoustic guitar are beautiful supplied with great choirs, crooked percussion and blissful Lanois-guitar. BT (4/6 stars)

There’s no doubt about the fact that Jacob Faurholt is the most interesting new Danish folk-musician.
Dr/Musik (4/6 stars)

An original and unshakeable desert rock on the Danish plain - and a nice gloomy companion in the cold winter time.

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